the Front page post

Hi, and alaykumuassalam

This is me in my old dreadlocks and the Aussie Mussie Gubborigine gear look.

Had to stop wearing it but, since most non-muslim folk take it as though a sign of supporting terrorism, and most muslims take it as a sign of not wanting to believe in Jesus crucifixion.  So best I say that what I really am, is not much more than me, but also an Aborigine, who belongs to this place here Australia, where ever it is I stand, and not really liking to have a religious identification, despite the get up in the photo.  Though having that photo here is a way of saying that despite the Christian Cross around my neck, I do not dislike Islam, and try to make my writing accessible for believers in Islam as well as those in Traditionally Oriented Aboriginal way, and Christians in general.

This wordpress presentation format of a free weblog, has a bit at the top left hand corner, where you can change between looking at this post I made, named “the Front page post”, and a constant post which is kept in place all the time, and named “About”.  The About page has a table of contents for this particular weblog.

Here is another part of my very small set of Arabic language words, that is the most politest way to say goodbye:

Alaykumuassalamu Waramathuallahi Warabarakathuahu

Becky Copas (nungarrayi my mother’s way and nampidjimba my father’s way)


I have a name

My father gave

Then another

Chosen name

From among

My ancestors

This Copas one

He was a bricklayer

Sent to Australia a prisoner

Caught forging documents

Then pardoned

And the building he made

Still stands today

At a place where a village was made

Without government intervention

Upon the river Denman

And I chose this his name

Honouring my ancestors grave

Because of its way

Having two sides to tell of the day

And for me I must say

My story begins a new way

Out of the stories of ancestors

Who denied our real indigenous heritage

I have left behind me another name

Also known without shame

But now have I chosen to say

This new one will be my own surname

This Copas story today

For its story to make

Into an Aboriginal tale

Honouring my whole ancestry no shame

Its story became

The sugar glider’s fame

So ask it of me no blame


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