Two Poems vaguely related to other material in this weblog

   The Vote’s Saviour 

Of the Australian

Notion of compulsion

In compelling ourselves

To vote

For compulsory voting

Is the station

Of why our society

Is fairly well regulated

In respect of

Public education

Forty years of

Equal opportunity

For indigenous Australians


Can identify our national valuation

Upon real education

Since when we know

Our own vote alone

Is never enough to tow

Our own line in the machinations

Of electoral politics

Why of course we might

Realise that education

Need be for everybody

Not only the wealthy

So consider again now

How well off we might be

When unionisation

Is again compulsory

For the wealth of

Our labour

Never had no better saviour

In secular legislation

Than unionisation   

The Generation Upon That Stolen 

There’s a generation

Of my countrymen

Who were not in physical distance


From their black mothers yet crying

About why we are all finding

Their minds battered and maimed

Bruised forgotten and blamed

And by some unknowable mysterious

Thought police

Trained bludgeoned and defamed

Into hating motherhood’s game

Worse than if stolen thus the same

Abused by the thought police of the brain

From acts of sodomy

Perpetrated to defeat

Black rights fought for and obtained

All our citizenship thus cheap

By imposing only intransitive

Words of English absurd

Upon definitions such as

What we might have been

Ourselves determining

By the language of

Self determination

For its not the determination of self

To snap on the latex

Glove off a right wing shelf

That the white Australian


Voted for

In 1967 sure

But rather the Dreamtime for

Its wondrous reminders

Of victories for labour value behind us

Forever us white guys advantage

In spending our votes

On black history’s boat

The boat that’s been brutalised

By untold advantage white

Enabled through organised crime

Imposing into the mind

Of every black inmate of prison

For the rest of their life

That their dead losses were all for

The benefit of right wing politics

Whose agents were sticking

Inside the anus

Of ever prison inmate

And too many others also mate

The lie about time

And women’s minds

That mother’s ought to have been

More liken to boys in mind

Is that their own right wing ill to find

Their ends along with

Every one among us

Whether sodomised or not but because of

The generations of fathers

Whose children have learned of

That trick the hard way

In forgiving their father

Learning his mind was

Strangely effected

Into confusing cause with effect

For the lesson of time

In which the past ever causes

That the future improves with

Of the Dreamtime sublime

Is what that right wing supporting

Section of organised crime

Had worked to undermine


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