Somewhat Less Mean

Why not?


Ah, well that be the worth of this measure

not to need to count as the end of

using these tools to clarify real treasure

For the will to have it to do

Be what of together me and you

May well be finding too blue

For the worth of the Earth

Be nobody’s Food

Who has not committed to eternity here too

While the worth of the moon

Be your world’s to have grew

As ants that still today

Here at Earth poo

While no rocket there will take you

But upon occasion a mate fated to

For the terror of the situation

Will be ever upon you to blame of

Until indeed your migration

But by matter not of the realms and planes

You yourselves had worked with to gain

Hiding you own internally acknowledged game

Of working to rip off all else we were worth

In your imagination of us not being able

Without your own criminal like tables

Accusing our will to be stabled

In what you imagine to want of us and our fables

Yet when the reality is of

Each individual presence among

Needing to express willing nature

Within each that exact substance

You intend to intervene with

To effect your own wants of

Expressing your own presentiments

So of your game know my own fame

Be that of a stranger entrapment way

Sure enough just as wrong but yet already tame

For what may you just accuse me of be my own game

While of my own identification

That your own accusations

Noted the difference between

Accusations of anybody

Based in personal guilt only

And accusations about which

That very same individual’s in their ditch

Of never having noticed how other folk can get rich

By blaming their play

In the game of today

Trapped thus between will they stay

If only you have your way

In having stolen from me the fey

Knowledge only of what I see to have been

Already Enabling your game

So let me here make myself plain

That the game has always been the same

When defined as it is within this

Effective comprehension of it

That willing consent is

Defined only by how well informed

Each we have ever been

In every exact substance clean

Consent has been asked for believe

To frame your own debts unto us

As somewhat less mean


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