Do you know me

Do you know me

Do you know my face base stability

Do you know what you do to me

When you assumed of what I be

Did you realise that through me

The veil will be lifted

For this knowlege I shift is

What in origin which did

So remember by me

That who blames one for being less exposed to the world

By covering with clothing not pearls

Is who becomes food for the Muslim brood

While who among all of those Muslims bound by Islamic pearls

Would blame me for uncovering my real self unfurled

Are the food for real Christian believers preferred

Even among Muslims believe it’s my world

This poem surrendered here now

Since I wanted it not be my own mob whose worst

Set up this silly old lesson in what

We all might best never have forgot

Why never to blame of

Any fact we many might be got

So let me tell you that I have heard

That only in Jesus is Islam the word

And the cover up just absurd

So lucky for you a little bird


3 responses to “Do you know me

  1. The explanation:
    outside of the Ummah of Islam, if you blame Muslims for covering up, then you become food for Muslims;
    inside the Ummah of Islam, if you blame non-Muslims or Muslims, for uncovering, then you become food for Muslims who believe in Jesus.

    The original insults, upon which false illusions of being able to blame any person either way, were alleged to be fact, when before any evidence existed, were:
    That of covering the hair being a show of criminality: originally alleged by one white Australian Justice of the Court, who was known by Aboriginal men to be frequenting those brothels which provide access to small size male genitalia;
    And: that of uncovering any part of the body being a sign of wanton lust: originally alleged by a Muslim prostitute from Malaysia, against Aussies on beaches.

  2. Of course I myself will never lay any blame either way and advise you all the same

  3. yet blame those who blame and find you are who does their game

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