Why did I make a weblog called “do you know me”?

In the first instant, this weblog began as an url for depositing a story about what has been happening to me during the past few years.  Worth it to you reading, only because of what my story might reflect more openly than others are able to while sustaining their personal safety.

This weblog is certainly not the best way to go about finding out more about my personal politics, and opinions about many things in the world.  However, over the past few years, I have been forced into sustaining a very cautious position in political expressions, and as often as not it has been that I have found my world best expressed in poetry.  Yet that in itself begs the question about what has really been happening, since the poetry I write is often able to be read with either a far right, or far left, wing polemic.  I guess you may well really need to have met me in person to know what is motivating the various stories and poems I occassionally deposit into various weblogs.

While I am not especially wanting to attract much attention to these weblogs, if you are reading this, then perhaps I have, and so I will also ask you to be considerate of the fact that the things I write about are effecting real lives right now.   This weblog, and others, perhaps contain information which one day will become a part of the set of knowledge which is more readily available to many Australians, but for now, due to the social conditions exposed herein, the information which is revealed by those social conditions, is waiting for a consensus to develop among various vested interests, about what form the information needs to be exposed in, and by whom.  I make these stories difficult to access, for that reason; but simultaneously available to anybody with enough perseverence to find out.

Don’t let yourself be put off by the Muslim persona I did for a time adopt by necessity, and so as to participate in the acculturation processes which exist between Muslims.  It’s not my normal habit to talk up religious conscription or religious dogma and ideology, but just a habit to sift through every existing belief system which I encounter, so as to put the best of human thought into action.  I anticipate that a Muslim reading this may think differently of these words than a non-Muslim will, and I need to ask everybody who might read this, to accept the fact that my words at times need to be accessible for both Muslims and non-Muslims, as well as Christians and non-Christians, Jews and non-Jews, Pagans and non-Pagans, etc.  If there is any imbalance in favour of any one ideology, dogma, belief, and practise, that is only because of whom has most likely been reading what I write before now.  (Muslims who need to know more, can read my essays in the forum at www.altafsir.com)

Normally, these days, subsequent to most of the material in most of my weblogs being written, I am not identifyable as belonging to any particular religious or political group.

In this weblog there are boring poems, a boring letter to politicians, a boring document which I had to circulate among friends and family so as to preserve my personal safety, and a shorter essay about a potenially very contentious issue.  It is not necessarily for everybody, but sustains a discourse which needs to be recognised in specific politico-social contexts. 

If you want to read more of my work, (some of which is more accessible than here), the links here are to my wordpress weblogs, and I also have other weblogs with blogger, accessible through: http://doyouknowaboutasca.blogspot.com which is a weblog containing much of the same material as this one, but with some other material also.  

Most of the web of weblogs connected with this one, might seem too weird to bother with, but that’s normally only because I don’t like editing, and do like having to make the police wade through turgid nonsense in their seeking for non-existent dirt on me and my family.  The weirder parts contain a mixing up of modern politico-social references with mythological type references, within a pattern of writing which is normally known as “allegory”, and in which references from different systems of containing and sustaining human knowledge, are confused on purpose, so as to protect real life identities and situations.  I am just beginning to learn to use that pattern of composing written material, and often the leaps of faith I demand of readers, are not yet fluid enough.

However, if you find yourself with any concerns about the mental health status of any of the weirder aspects of how my written compositions present when unedited, might I direct your attention to straight into another the weblog at http://bloghellotoxyonline.blogspot.com where there is, (after wading through the poems, or just skipping over), a longer essay about the specific nature of the mental health problems which organised crime impose upon every prison inmate, and many of their family members, and friends.  I live within the same stalemate as many folk are in, whom have been overly exposed to the methods organised crime have of silencing witnesses, of not being able to sustain my mental health without managing to come across as though insane.  Most folk chose to manifest their lives as though sustaining sanity, and are thereby being silenced.  I chose to expose what needed to become known.  Using allegorical referencing within the body of prose, enables exposure of facts which can be otherwise dangerous to expose.  In general, when reading allegorical work, if you feel fear, then you need to take that seriously, but you also need to believe that there is no advangage to myself as an author, in having written any words which may cause fear, but that the advantage should only be for readers, in confronting fears of the unknown.

While reading my writing, be cautious about how I am using the phrase “organised crime”.  How organised can criminals really be?  When criminal acts inside prisons are being engaged in by one individual against another, whom then does the same to another, etc, who was wrong?  Who was letting it happen?  Whom belongs to what organisations?  Do any of us really need to know?  My own position is that any criminal action, which sustains institutionalised support, from within either illegitimate or legitimate institutions, is evidence of organised crime; and that criminal behaviour needs to be deposed, and by deposing its organisation, we begin to depose crime.

Thanks for the patience that reading what I have to say, will need.


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