About (but do you really want to know about me is the question surely)

Alaykumuassalam I am me who you see in these pictures,

I had a head full of tiny plaits that I was letting turn into dread locks, over a period of only about two years.  When I had to cut it all off so as to look non-threatening for a court appearance, I asked my teenage son, (who never feels threatened by me, but only by his own behavioural risk taking), to take a few photos of me.  The banner photos are the neatest result.  Note my “why you little *#@*#” expression that he seems almost fond of.

 However this weblog is not about my son’s photography, or even really about my dreadlocks.  It is about the lessons of experience.

 Within my experience I have learned such things as that the experience of being abused by a person whom has a skinhead hairdo, tends to manifest a route to recovery in which the victim accepts their survival by also briefly manifesting very short hair.  However, I am quite sure that I have not been abused by anybody with dreadlocks, since the dreadlocks tend to ward off victims, so I was rather fond of myself in dreadlocks.

I know things which are dangerous to know, and I have a need to be informing other persons of my knowledge.  Because of this, I must ask that everybody whom approaches this weblog takes its content seriously, and at least attempts to read most of it, if not all.  If you are looking for a less serious approach from me, try another one of my weblogs, but his one has a very serious story in it.

All of each post here that you try the taste of, might be good, maybe, if you are lucky, or at the very least all of each paragraph you might glance at, might be, but I do not know if it is good enough to be worth your while reading it.  Many people know that a little bit of knowledge can be very dangerous, if it is only half the story, but that is not to say also, that a great deal of knowledge is not also slightly dangerous, but usually only because when you know a lot, you might accidentally let somebody else in on your knowledge, in a portion of it which is harmful to them.  So please be cautious reading this, but also try to if you want to, because its information has a real social value.

This weblog is not for the purpose of scaring anybody, although there is frighting information within it.  It tells about real life situations in which life is more dangerous if certain issues are not aired, discussed, washed, dried out in the sunlight, then folded back up into a happier family closet where they are safer without any locks, yet up high out of the reach of children.

 Do not try reading this weblog without your parents supervision if you are under about twenty one years of age.  I tried to make the story less offensive in the way I told it that it really has been to live through, but there are some parts which are not good to know until you already know how to learn a story without risking it happening to you also.

If your mind is already drifting into sinful and criminal ideas about what this weblog might contain, then fear yourself now, instead of fearing myself please, before you might try reading any of it.

 I will also here make a link to another of my wordpress weblogs, but I do not know if the link will work because sometimes in the past it was not able to work.  It seems to have occurred because I mentioned the word “criminal” in a title to one of the posts.  The url is: http://laysociology.wordpress.com  and if you can not get into that weblog from here, not to fret since the same essay, with a different title, is at: http://laysociologist.wordpress.com ; and really we all ought to commend wordpress on their efforts to prevent their service being used for any criminal purposes, even though my posts are about how to prevent crime.  It seems to be the case that the wordpress software is identifying weblogs with posts that use the word crime in the title, and preventing (or confusing, perhaps only temporarily) links being made to and from those weblogs.  Good on wordpress, I guess! 

If you would like to have a look at the “laysociology” site, and the link is not working, then type the url in direct rather than using the link, since there is not much I can do to change the fact that my url is already marked within the wordpress software, if it is now when you are reading, as had been the case in the past. 

Table of Contents for this Weblog

the Front Page post: just to say hello

Two Poems vaguely related to other material in this weblog: these poems are not edited here, but might be edited in another place already, and they are copyright to me already; I do not know if you will reckon these words of poetry are any good but. (if you like them there are plenty more alike to in the internet, able to be found by doing a search for me by using the name “curaezipirid”)

A Petition to the Australian Federal Government: a very boring read, about legal matters, that my own writing style seems to make even more boring, but with a specific idea in it that is worth relating to.  It is a letter sent to three places: to the politicians; to National Indigenous Times newspaper; and to a lobby group called Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse, who I reckon could be putting more of their resources towards what Aboriginal communities are in need of.

apology if I haven’t yet edited the paragraph breaks back into the document paste: Well this title is here because sometimes when I paste a ‘microsoft word’ document into the wordpress softward, to put it into one of these wordpress weblogs, the paragraph breaks from pressing the ‘enter’ key, all disappear annoyingly, but sometimes that is not happening, and sometimes I have made an edit to put the ‘enter’ paragraph breaks back in, and so I named this post into the weblog by that.  What it is really about though, is a story I made for my extended family and long term friends, about the trouble I was having with police not knowing why they had me under surveillance, but they seem to have noticed now that there was no real reason to be policing me too heavily after all, and there are definitely less policemen around me each day than there used to be.  Thanking whoever among them took the time to read my story here, and everybody else who read it also.  It is a long story this one.  My favourite part is the poem at the end.  The other parts are written in the style of English usage which is most like how I have more often communicated with my family.  Other weblogs I have made show other ways I have been experimenting with of using English words, so that these words can become more “userfriendly” for individuals within Aboriginal traditional culture.  There are more of those sort of things in weblogs made within the “blogger” software domain, that connects to google, and they tell the same story in other ways which are more accessible to Aboriginal culture.

The debate that was never a real debate because nobody wanted to realise its gate: This post is about a debate that is internal to the understanding of families of Aboriginal Australian ancestry who have been passing as white for too many generations; I put it here to force the issues it discusses to become openly available to darker skin Aborigines also, because we must never be allowed to forget that our darker skin relations have always borne the brunt of what the invasion did to us, and I am very angry with many pale skin Aborigines about having been trying to count as black when it is to their advantage, but without also openly identifying our Aboriginality.

Updating: just a few words put into this weblog before I was ready to put many words into it.

This is the World, Hello!: this is my translation of the start up post that the wordpress software gives to everybody new who registers with it.  When it is first made, by the group of people who own the wordpress free access software, and first sent to each new weblog that opens, it is called “Hello World”, and it pretends as though it was being sent from who set up the weblog, out into the world, but really it is being sent from out there somewhere in the American internet world, to who sets up a new weblog account with wordpress, but also it might turn into something being sent by the owner of the account, into the world of whoever reads the weblog.  I am using it to play with English words, to see what can make sense to other English speakers, but also be more real.


Thanks for reading these, and my sincere apology for those who really are finding my way of using English words difficult, or just even finding reading difficult without having been acculturated into a reading paradigm from infancy, as I have been.

Salam, Hallemeny, Shalom, and Tar for today


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